Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Return

It's been A LONG time.  In fact, so long that I'm just relieved to see that so many of the wonderful bloggers that were out there before are still around.  I'm grateful to be able to come back to this world and know that it is still here.

My life has drifted away from focusing so much on my OCD (which is good) but I have also drifted away from actively fighting it on a daily basis (which is not so good).  In fact, I've found it's easy to forget how much I'm letting things slip when I am not checking in with a therapist as frequently and when my life is so full of other things.  I've been working up a storm, but in-between, when I'm at home and on the weekends, the problems persist.  I've just gotten really good at working around them.  I want to return to this world, though, and to keep fighting and sharing my stories along the way.  This place has been an invaluable outlet in the past - a forum to relate, share, learn, and feel "normal" in ways I can't elsewhere. 

I've been distracted by so many other wonderful things, but ultimately this is where I want my focus to be - not only because I want to improve myself and my quality of life, but because I still know somewhere inside that I would like to pursue a career path in anxiety disorders.  I've lost sight of that just as I've lost sight of my treatment goals.  It's time to start heading back.

So here I am.


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