Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I feel as though I'm having motivational issues right now.  I'm avoiding showering.  I'm avoiding doing dishes.  I dread doing both, and it feels like what's the point?  Why bother?  I'm preparing to sleep on the floor even though I know I shouldn't.  I know it's compulsive.  I recognize that.  I recognize that I am making an unwise decision from a therapeutic standpoint, and yet, ugh.  How to make myself do what needs to be done?  I'm still figuring that one out.  Still figuring it out...


  1. I am with you there. Ugh. I have a meeting in an hour, and it's a social event, and I'm feeling anxious, and my OCD is kicking up. I think the key is recognizing that this is OCD's mode of operation--to get you into a "figuring out" state of mind--and entangle us in getting a certainty about how to be motivated. Hang in there. The point is the flashes of freedom you've had--it's worth the bother, because you matter.

  2. Motivation is a hard thing to get/find. Hope you get it back!

  3. I struggle with motivation a great deal when I am in a bout of OCD. I still haven't mastered it fully, but one step at a time, one little thing at a time I'll do and I feel like I've accomplished the world... For instance, when I feel that my house is crumpling down around me, I'll do my dishes, or vaccuum the rug. It's not 100% perfection that is required, it's only progress.

  4. I can relate with you there. Sometimes, I skip my shower and tooth-brushing. Gross, huh? Like you, I can't seem to see the point at times. But, more often than not, my head tells me that I need to get things straight. So, life goes on as usual.

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  5. OCD is undeniably one of the common psychological problem most people encounter. But, you don't have to worry that much. Because there are things that can make you deal with it. Just ask your doctor or counselor for details.



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