Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still Chugging Along...

I'm about a week and a half into my intensive therapy program and I am feeling tired.  There are things I would like to write about but I've been kind of exhausted as of late and also haven't had that much time to just sit, reflect, and write.  However, hopefully I will have time for all that again between all the home visits, therapy sessions, and exposure homework.  It's going well, but I think that constantly feeling "off" and slightly anxious exhausts me more easily than I expected or am used to.  Just as I start to adjust and get comfortable, it's always time for my next session, time to climb the next stretch up the hierarchy of the many challenges ahead of me.

I'm still here.  Just spending more time than ever battling my OCD.  I'll keep chugging along and hope to have more time and energy to write here and comment on others' blogs soon!

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  1. All those exposures would really be exhausting. I know when I am constantly anxious I'm always on the edge of adrenal fatigue. Good food and lots of sleep seem to help. Hope your therapy keeps going well. I'm tired just thinking about it :)
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